Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The extension–before

006Here is what the extension at the back of the house looked like in the For Sale advert…Not too bad, until a close look at the heavily painted wooden window frame on the right revealed a thriving colony of creepy crawlies in every angle,with glass ready to drop out onto the floor.

What you can’t see is a daisy chain of plugboards going round the room to the cooker. 

The yellow cupboards were also crawling inside. The top of the cupboards were at  my eye level, clearly built to suit somebody of less than 5 feet tall. At night, snails would be crawling round the sink.

You can’t see it, but the wall at the right is the original exterior wall, pebble dash had been plastered over and painted the colour of week old mushroom soup.  The original Weatherglaze steel window frame was still  in place.

The main light would switch on and off by itself. The washing machine seen at the back would advance out to the centre of the room on the odd occasion when it deigned to work..

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