Sunday, April 19, 2009

Evolution of the kitchen

Around 2001 it was decided that my brother would move, with his wife and son, back into the family house so an extension was built onto the side. The picture on the left shows Tim and the late Shelley examining the work in progress as our garage slowly morphed into a kitchen/living room.

As it happens I don't have any pictures of the first version of that kitchen. Time went by and things didn't work out, so brother and wife both left the house but son remained. He ended up with full run of this room and he kind of turned it back into a garage again, but this time with a fridge and cooker installed. Picture on right shows the room in it's full glory, with graffitied (Iknow, graffiti is NOT a verb) fridge, breakfast bar turned into an amp cab and a selection of motor oil on top.

In August 2008 there was, even for Ireland, an unbelievable amount of rain and the entire street was thigh deep in flood water. On the left you will see the kind of transport you would never expect to find in a north Dublin suburb. What I didn't catch there was when the inexpert canoeist collided with a submerged parked car. I would sincerely have liked to see the insurance report for that particular claim. Anyhow, while we I was busy hanging out of an upstairs window getting photographs of this bizarre and wonderful occasion, my roof developed a severe leak and water started dripping through the ceiling, the upper floor and downwards. There was quite a lot of damage and I ended up having to make my own insurance claim.

To cut a long story short, after much palaver with the insurance company and a lot of stalking of plasterers and decorators (not easy people to pin down to a date, let me tell you!) the kitchen was finally restored to a semblance of normality, here's Chloe on the right checking out the new facility.
This picture reminds me that one of these days I must invest in a shade for the light.....

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