Sunday, July 24, 2011

At Home for the Holidays

Front GardenI managed to choose the best 2 weeks of summer this year to take a holiday. I decided to spend it at home looking after the beasties and sorting out my garden. The little patch in the front was pretty knackered looking, full of rubble from building work, gunge from the 2008 and 2009 floods, various discarded car components from the nephew’s ongoing restoration project, and choked with weeks and ivy. Underneath it all I knew there were tons of naturalised spring bulbs.

Soooo…. I set to work.  I shovelled out all the soil, separated the weeks, sifted out the bulbs, hauled all the detritus to either the bin or the compost heap.  Then I toddled off to the garden centre and invested in a load of new top-soil and bark. I rescued sell-off large scale plants and replanted the spring bulbs.  Here’s the result – I’m really proud of it. Smile

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